Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

January Blog


Normally, when we run out of things to say, we talk about the weather. However, that is how we will begin our Blog for January. The weather has been highly unusual for January in the North Country. We had a couple small snow storms but by the end of the month the snow was almost all gone. Wow! We are not complaining and know that we still have some winter ahead of us but this has just been amazingly mild.

During the month, we continued with all of our usual routines, which included volunteering at the Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry for the Salvation Army. We have literally learned the names of nearly all of the people who come to the Salvation Army for those services. In addition, we put our usual 2000+ miles on our car going to and from members’ and investigators’ homes. Included in that is a lot of time providing rides for some of the members who don’t have cars. It is a labor of love!

On January 16th, we made another trip to Montreal to attend our Temple there. Then on the 20th, we were privileged to participate in a Worldwide Missionary Conference where we were instructed by three Apostles and several other General Church Officers. With the technology available, we were able to be here in New York while the instruction was being done in Utah. It was a wonderful meeting!

On a more personal note, we began the New Year with our dear friends, Elder and Sister Clay (Marc and Kathy). In addition, we were able to be in touch with some of our family via Skype and emails during the month. Of course, Linda and Michelle text each other almost on a daily basis. Also, with the help of Jim’s siblings and a real estate agent, our little home farm in Colorado was sold. We actually closed the deal on January 20th.

With the Clay's for New Years

Missionary luncheon in Potsdam

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