Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, December 14, 2014

During the past couple of weeks, we have been able to meet many members and investigators of the Church here in Ogdensburg and Gouverneur.  Our Sundays are very busy as we attend our three hour block meetings here in Ogdensburg and where Elder Knight is the First Counselor to the Branch President.  After those meetings, we travel to Gouverneur, which is about 45 minutes away where we participate in their meetings as well for two hours.  They have what is called a Dependent Branch there.  Both have small groups and it is easy to like them.  They are humble and kind people and we are enjoying them.

During the week, we have a “P-Day” (personal day) on Mondays.  The young missionaries come to our house to do their laundry in the morning on those days.  Linda and I have been able to get to Watertown to do some shopping and have date night.  It is about an hour and ten minutes from here.  During the rest of the week, we are out and about visiting members and helping the Elders teach investigators and giving service where needed.  For example, last Friday a young family in the Branch needed to go to Syracuse and Watertown for personal and doctor appointments so Linda babysat their two little girls during the day.  I took the three little boys to and from school so that the husband and his wife could make the trip more easily.  Syracuse is slightly over two hours away.  We were active in assisting the Branch, which included the Gouverneur group with a Thanksgiving Dinner and then with an early Christmas Dinner as well.  Linda knows how to pitch in with organizing and running such activities and I’m a good dishwasher.  It has been fun and we have already seen some nice things happen for us and the Branch here.  We actually feel blessed to be here and to be serving.

As for the weather, we've had very little snow – just what you see in the earlier pictures.  But it has been very cold for this Arizona couple.  It’s mostly been in the teens and when the wind blows it’s just, well, wretched.  We layer and bundle and stay inside as much as possible.  I told Jim when we bought the car we would be happy to have the heated seats!  The people around here have said it’s going to get much worse!  Oh my goodness.  I won’t be able to walk if I layer any more.


Elder & Sister Busby from Tucson are serving in Brockville, Canada just 20 minutes from us (Jim met him years ago in Tucson). We've known his brother & sister-in-law from Tucson since we moved there in 1988. I ran into them in a local grocery store where they shop weekly.
It's such a small world in the church. 

 Our elders - Elder Ounesavath & Elder Hong 

 Elder Ferris (middle) is from the Tucson North Stake! 
Again, small world.

Members from both our Branch and Twig!

The ice is beginning to develop along the banks of the river as you can see by the dock. 
The river will freeze over soon.

Sister Gelinas & Sister Gochner serve in the Gouveneur area.

Elders serving the Christmas dinner to the members.