Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, October 18, 2015

September Blog

With our missionaries
At the beginning of the month, we enjoyed celebrating Linda’s birthday by taking a quick trip to Watertown where we had fun seeing a movie and then going out for a nice dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. Of course, the normal activities of our mission continued. We love visiting the members and working with the less active and investigators. Then we attended our routine meetings as well. Those have been identified in previous posts on this Blog so we won’t repeat them here.

By the end of the month, we could feel the effects of the fall season. Our nights were cooling down and the leaves were beginning to change colors. We are sure that October will be spectacular. The days were also cooler but still quite nice, which we totally enjoyed. It sure makes getting out and traveling to make our visits easier and more pleasant. Another indicator that winter is just around the corner is the number of people closing up their “camps,” which are houses along the St. Lawrence River and pulling their boats out of the water. And of course, watching the squirrels gather their winter supplies is always a good indication of things to come.

There are other “senior missionaries” in the different Branches of the Church here and we have been meeting with them once a month to see their area and to exchange ideas and information about our different areas. This month we visited Saranac Lake and Lake Placid and had a chance to tour the 1980 Olympic venues and to see the fall colors in that area.

At the very end of the month, we were thrilled to have our daughter Michelle and her husband Dale come for a visit (pictures below). We filled their time here with some wonderful sights of upstate New York. We had a great trip and visit to Palmyra, the birthplace of our Church. While there, we visited the Temple, walked through the Sacred Grove, and toured the E B Grandin Print shop where the first 5000 copies of the Book of Mormon were printed. Then we also made a quick trip to Niagara Falls, which we had seen many years ago when we lived in Ohio. We had forgotten just how massive the Falls are. It’s such an amazing sight!

Our building was being cleaned one day, so the missionaries had to teach outside.

Fresh goodness at a Amish stand
Saw this sign across from one of the Amish stands
More missionary fun at our place

Missionary fun at our place

There is always someone who can play our piano
They are everywhere!
Seriously... EVERYWHERE!

On the Ferry - headed out to the castles on the different islands

Boldt Castle (on one of the Thousand Islands)

Singer Castle (again, on one of the Thousand Islands)

Niagara Falls

Visit to Joseph Smith's home in Palmyra with Dale & Michelle.

Lunch in Saranac Lake with the senior couples from our Zone.

Lake Placid Olympic Center - 1980 Winter Olympic Site

Skiing in the summer at the Olympic Park.  No snow to cushion a fall.

Beginning to look like fall in the Adirondacks. 

The sunsets on the St. Lawrence are amazing!