Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Saturday, November 15, 2014

To begin...

As mom and dad are heading out on their mission, I've put together a Blog to capture their time away for those interested in following their journey. I will occasionally throw in tidbits which will be identified as: Shel's notes

For the most part, these posts will be the letters and photos sent. We will start with a few text messages and photos from their journey, which begins...

Monday, November 3
First day at the MTC... clearly not in Arizona any longer. Cold and snowy in the mountains!

 Found Lindsey Paris in the cafeteria.
Shel's note: Lindsey is the daughter of friends here in Tucson, she also just left on her mission.

The view from our room. 

It's been a wonderful day - orientation and meeting many senior couples who are going all over the world. We met four couples going to Australia and several to Africa. Of course many headed various other places: Fiji, Russia, India, Adriatic, Scotland, Ireland and several others to the Family History Center in Salt Lake City.

Tuesday, November 4 
Shel's note: It's Dad's birthday - so we had sent a birthday card along with mom and then everyone in the family (there are a lot of us) began texting "Happy Birthday" at the same time to flood his cell phone with wishes.

Gave him the birthday cards before class today & everyone sang to him. So fun! He's enjoying all the texts right now. We are headed to a devotional in a minute. There will be a General Authority speaking - should be inspiring.

Wednesday, November 5
We are heading to dinner and then off to the Provo Temple. We were sealed there as a family & haven't been back. 

Shel's note: I'm looking for the photo that was taken the day we were sealed and will add it.

Friday, November 7
Shel's note: Mom and Dad returned to Tucson to spend one last weekend with us before driving to New York.

Monday, November 10
 Made it to El Paso for dinner at a wonderful restaurant recommended by our friends, the Baca's. Then headed for our stay at the Eldorado Hotel and Spa, courtesy of our dear friends the Libby's. We are spoiled! It's all in who you know. Good friends indeed.

Tuesday, November 11 
Staying outside of Oklahoma City. 
It's cold - been in the 30's all day. Just a taste of what is to come!

Wednesday, November 12
Crossed into Missouri - it's 28 degrees. 

Later...It's up to 34 now... heat wave.  Soon the sweater will be coming off!

Thursday, November 13
- OHIO -

Friday, November 14
 Snowing this morning in Cleveland... 16" up by the lake so we couldn't go to Kirtland. Thank goodness I'd changed our hotel a couple of days ago or we would have been right in that. We didn't hit any of it, but the snow is headed east, so I'm hoping we stay ahead of it.

Oh, dang. 

Final Destination

On our way to Syracuse for dinner with the Wirthlins and Clays. 

With President & Sister Wirthlin
With Marc & Kathy Clay
Shel's note: We've known the Clay family since our time living in Ohio. It turns out that they live within the mission area and were able to join mom and dad for dinner their first evening with the Wirthlins.

Saturday, November 15
Our house on the right (owner stays in the red cottage in the summer). It is truly lovely. 
Exhaustion has set in and we are both speaking in both branch Sacrament meetings tomorrow! 

This was in Ogdensburg - Amish all around.

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